Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Microcredential will serve to allow non-matriculated and/or non-traditional students the opportunity to focus on graphics and interactive design for career advancement and skill enhancement. There are many instances where an individual may wish to educate, or re-educate themselves with a focus on design theory and practice, including effective use of the industry standard Adobe Creative Cloud through Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. This will allow individuals more options for future job marketability without having to work through a full associate degree, especially if they already hold a college degree and simply wish to focus on this particular skill set.

Upon successful completion of the Graphic Design Microcredential, students will be able to: 

  • Create graphic design projects that incorporate thinking (research, visual idea development), doing (designing, working, building), and communication (presenting and analyzing visual concepts through description, comparison, evaluation of design elements, principles, methods, goals, content, meaning, relevance, and perspective). 

  • Synthesize composition and layout of graphic design elements utilizing digital tools and materials to create logo, product, book, music graphics, poster, brochure, magazine, web, interface, and other graphic and interactive designs. This knowledge will also be applied to real world client interaction and service learning in the classroom. 

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the field of graphic design by compiling and curating a body of design work into a comprehensive and polished portfolio. 

  • Explore transfer options to four-year colleges and universities or career opportunities in the field of Visual Art, specifically.

Required Courses

Course No.

Descriptive Title

Credit Hours

ART 110

Two-Dimensional Design


ART 140

Foundations of Graphic Design


ART 145

Graphic Design: Layout & Typography


ART 264

Web Design





Because a Microcredential is comprised of short course sequences, requirements for a Microcredential are to be completed at DCC. Any exception to this would require departmental approval in order to transfer in credits.

No more than 50% of credits may be accepted in transfer.*

A digital badge will be awarded to students who complete the required coursework and earn a 2.0 or higher in each course.

If the Microcredential contains a certification exam, a successful score on that exam is also required for the award of the Microcredential.

*Certain courses may be required to be taken at DCC;
check your specific program for these exceptions.

This microcredential can
be stacked into:

Visual Arts Transfer, A.A.S.