Free Elective

The free elective provides each student with the opportunity to select a course that might not otherwise be applicable to his or her degree. Its aim is to broaden the educational experience at Dutchess Community College or to meet a particular interest or need. To achieve the aim of the free elective, the course chosen should be outside the subject area of the student’s degree program.

The free elective course should be chosen thoughtfully with the assistance of the faculty advisor (full-time students) or a Registrar’s Office advisor (part-time students). A student may choose for the free elective a course that is either applicable or non-applicable to his or her program. A student may not choose a course that is a prerequisite for a required course in his or her program.

If the free elective course chosen is applicable to the student’s program, the grade and credit earned for the course will automatically count in the semester in which the course was taken.

Reserved Rights of the College

Dutchess Community College is not obligated to offer any courses described in this catalog for which enrollment is insufficient. A degree or certificate program with a history of limited enrollment may become inactive. The College also reserves the right to modify curriculum requirements, courses, tuition and fee schedules, and policies pertaining to its educational program without further notice.

A student who needs a course to complete graduation requirements which is not offered or which is fully enrolled should confer with the Registrar. Students are requested to contact the Registrar’s Office for the most current information regarding course offerings, class schedules, or tuition and fees.