Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology (ACR)

This program prepares men and women for employment in the field of commercial Air Conditioning and Refrig­eration. The graduate is qualified for entry-level positions in installation, repair and mainte­nance of equipment in use by food markets, food processors, office buildings, apartment buildings, manufacturing plants, schools, etc. In addition, positions are available in design, sales and distribution. 

Students graduating from this program should expect to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge of residential air conditioning systems and light commercial refrigeration systems for service and installation.

  • Recover, recycle and work safely with refrigerants.

  • Recognize and utilize the appropriate tools, test instruments and equipment to troubleshoot and affect desired results.

It is recommended that those who wish to consider air conditioning and refrigeration as a career complete high school courses in such related areas as electricity, metal working, machine shop, plumbing/heating and blueprint reading.

A Certificate is awarded upon completion of the requirements for this program.

Courses should be selected in consultation with an advisor.

First Semester

Course No.

Descriptive Title

Credit Hours

MAT 131

Technical Math I


ACR 101

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration I


PHS 115

Fundamentals of Electricity





Second Semester

Course No.

Descriptive Title

Credit Hours

ENG 101

Composition I


ENT 131

Technical Drawing


ACR 102

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration II








Students interested in other coursework should consider enrolling in SUS 101, ARC 211, PHS 107 or BUS 102.


Students enrolled in a Certificate program must complete at least 50% of the program credits at DCC.* Students must earn an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to be awarded the certificate.

*Certain courses may be required to be taken at DCC; check your specific program for these exceptions.